Are you getting your TSH tested often enough?

I’m sure most people with Hashimoto’s know that the TSH test doesn’t show the entire picture of what’s going on with you, but it’s the test doctors rely on most to adjust your treatment for the disease. The question that occurred to me early on, and which I’m sure has occurred to many other Hashi’s sufferers, is “How often should I have my TSH tested?”

When I went to an endocrinologist last year, for the first time in about 5 or 6 years, he told me as I was leaving that I should get tested again in 12 months and he’d see me again. I was a bit shocked, as it was obvious that my Hashimoto’s was not under well control. I’d had several medication adjustments in the previous years.

I had seen endocrinologists before who told me that at a minimum, I should have my TSH levels tested every 6 months. I would tend to agree with this, even if you feel your Hashimoto’s is under well control. If your Hashimoto’s isn’t under well control, however, I think (and this is just my opinion, consult your doctor) that you should be tested on a more frequent basis, every three to four months.

Listen to your body. If it’s telling you something is not right, get your TSH tested. If you can convince your doctor, get your free T3/T4 tested as well. The more data you can add to the picture, the better. As my grandma-in-law, a registered nurse for over 40 years, says “You know your body better than your doctors. If you think you need to be tested, ask your doctor.”