Boosting Your Metabolism Is Possible

Anyone with thyroid problems knows how difficult it is to cope with a slow metabolism. A slow metabolism is the reason for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (or hypothyroid) weight gain. Boosting that metabolism can be difficult, but not impossible.

I ran across a recent article about getting key hormones in balance to boost your metabolism and lose weight. The article, Mastering Your Metabolism Is Complex But Not Impossible (link no longer works), covers 8 key hormones and what you can do (and eat) to get those hormones in balance. Of course, the article mentions thyroid hormone as the number one hormone to get in balance. The thyroid controls just about every cell in your body, so it’s an important one. The article mentions selenium as being important for thyroid health.

Update: Unfortunately, when I last checked, the link to the article no longer works.