Thyroid Problems Can Cause Issues With Pregnancy

Hashimoto's and Pregnancy

Thyroid problems can cause problems with pregnancy and should be screened for within the first 3 months of pregnancy, according to researchers in India. Even moderate problems with the thyroid can put women and their unborn children at serious risk for complications such as miscarriage, low birth weight, premature labor, and still birth.‚Äč

Thyroid hormone, produced by the thyroid gland, helps regulate the process of turning food into energy, but excessively low hormone production, or hypothyroidism, may cause symptoms such as fatigue, sensitivity to cold temperatures, constipation and depression.

However, during pregnancy untreated, hypothyroidism is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight and other serious complications. Although previous research has suggested that women with moderate thyroid dysfunction, or subclinical hypothyroidism, also are more likely to suffer complications, the level of risk was uncertain….More at Thyroid problems cause pregnancy issues –

So, if you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant, talk to your doctor about getting your thyroid checked. One simple test could prevent serious issues.